What is Social Action

Social action is made up of two essential and inseparable elements – the principles and the process.  These do not stand alone, but are completely dependent upon each other. Combined, they form an effective approach for working with people and a powerful force for change

Social Action

Social Action Principles

Social action workers are committed to social justice. We strive to challenge inequality and oppression in relation to race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, class, disability or any other form of social differentiation. Social action is about fighting for fairness, equality and justice and this needs to be stated clearly.  We recognise that injustice, discrimination and …

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Social Action Process

The role of the social action worker is to facilitate the group through a five-stage process. The intention is to change the traditional relationship between service users and the professionals employed to work with them. A social action worker is a facilitator, not a provider. In this process service users are not just consumers, they …

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